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Same-Day Crowns

Achieve a Hollywood-worthy smile in just one day.

Dr. Ton works in a state-of-art dental facility and partners with an on-site lab. As a result, we can give you a permanent, beautiful new smile in just one day – unlike most other practices in the Portland area. No temporary solutions. And no multiple office visits. One and done.
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Why Choose Northwest Implant Center

If you choose to transform your smile using porcelain crowns and veneers, in the past, you had to wear temporary restorations and return for several visits to transform your smile. Today, working with Dr. Viet That Ton at Northwest Implant Center, you can receive your permanent new smile in just one day.
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Dr. Viet That Ton, PortLand’s PREMIER IMPLANT EXPERT

Bringing state-of-the-art technology to caring, comfortable, Implant, Cosmetic, and Restorative dental solutions.

Dr. Viet That Ton and Northwest Implant Center might be relatively new to Portland, OR, but he's an award-winning, highly credentialed dentist. He is considered to be emerging as one of the top dental implant experts in the Portland area. You can feel confident that he has the most relevant knowledge and training to help you achieve your dental health goals and a life-changing smile.

Dr. Ton earned his dental degree at the University of the Pacific in 1996, and that same year started working at Portland Dental Arts.

With such comprehensive dental knowledge and experience, Dr. Ton is prepared to solve the most complex dental problems all under one roof. The doctor and his team can save you time and money by delivering all of your care in one convenient location, without referring you out all over town. 
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As soon as you walk in, I want you to know you’ve found an extraordinary place, featuring the absolute latest technology in a friendly environment. It’s, hopefully, unlike any other dentist around.

Same-Day Crown

about Same-Day Crowns

What are the benefits of Same-Day Crowns?
As a testament to our all-in-one dental practice promise, we offer Portland-area residents same-day crowns service, which allows our patients the ease of having their crown done in only one appointment, saving them time and inconvenience. In our on-site dental lab partner, we are able to design your flawless dental restorations with exactness, and then rapidly produce crowns, bridges, veneers, and more. This, of course, saves you, the patient, time and doctor visits. Further, we can make adjustments to your restoration’s shades and fit while you are in the office.
Who is a good candidate for Same-Day Crowns?
Dental crowns are most commonly used to restore cracked or broken teeth or as caps to protect teeth that are weakened by decay or large fillings. They are frequently placed on top of dental implants as a tooth replacements. Back teeth that have had root canal therapy require crowns to prevent fracture of teeth or roots. Crowns form the anchors for permanently cemented dental bridges. A crown is placed on each side of the space left by a missing tooth. A porcelain replacement tooth connected to each crown forms the bridge. Dental crowns can create beautiful cosmetics by covering misshapen or discolored teeth and can even create instant orthodontics in some cases.


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